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man i’m so sorry for being a piece of shit mod

i have 4 other active blogs that all operate mainly on queues, but basically all my queues have run out and i have about 500 liked posts to go through and sort into queues and i just. don’t wanna

so thanks for sticking around for really sporadic blogging and again i’m sorry for being a piece of shit mod but i’ll try and get my shit together, promise

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help i love arrested development


Andy Samberg Absolutely Destroys the James Franco Roast

Courtney, this is not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy. I’m sorry but I’m overruling you. 

You are being a cheer-tator Torrance, and a pain in my ass!

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“I have cried twice in my life. Once when I was seven and I was hit by a school bus. And then again when I heard that Li’l Sebastian had passed.” -Ron Swanson 

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Alison Brie - Wired Magazine - April 2013

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